Books and Publications


sp4sciSigmaPlot for Scientists by Dr M Brent Charland, offers a working scientist’s insights into using SigmaPlot for publication. Written in a friendly and easy to understand manner, the book includes numerous illustrations and real-world examples.

Excellent sections on creating, modifying text and axes, and using the curve fitter and transform language. It was written primarily for SigmaPlot 2.0 for Windows, but also includes chapters on SigmaPlot for Macintosh and DOS.

tufte83The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R Tufte is an all time classic on the art of displaying graphical data. Highly accessible, with numerous beautifully created illustrations and historical examples.

Includes entertaining lessons on avoiding chart junk, gaining graphical asthetics and maximizing graphical impact. Great companion to any version of SigmaPlot.