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SigmaScan Pro’s comprehensive list of image types ensures image compatibility – including 16-bit grayscale images. You can convert images to different types, paste or splice images from one type to another, or modify pixel resolution while maintaining the aspect ration of the image. The powerful Histogram Stretch option lets you sharpen the contrast of color or grayscale images.

Other enhancement techniques allow you to correct background lighting effects, apply color templates to grayscale images for highlighting hidden features or employ mathematical filters to add, remove, erode or dilate objects on an image. Plus, SigmaScan Pro’s Image Math functions let you remove noise and highlight features by adding, subtracting or averaging the pixel intensities of different images.

To Download SigmaScan Pro interactive tutorial, Click here (4,933KB)

Minimum System Requirements


  • Pentium® processor running Windows 10, 8.x, 7, Vista, 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4
  • 16MB RAM (64MB recommended)
  • SVGA monitor, 800×600 resolution 256 colors (True Color recommended)
  • 15MB hard disk space

Buy & Try SigmaScan Pro


This product comes in the form of a try and buy agreement. You will need to download the program file which installs appropriate program files to the correct directories on your computer. Step-by-step installation and removal procedures are as follows:

  • Once the file is downloaded, “Double click” on the file from Windows Explorer or File Manager to start Installation.
  • If you have any problems to complete the installation, please contact our Technical Support Department.
  • Follow the setup program instructions.
  • A serial number is required. Click the button below to sign up for a 14 day trial.
  • After 14 days of use, you can decide to keep or return the program.

Uninstall SigmaScan


From the start menu choose settings, control panel, add/remove programs.
– Choose SigmaScan from the list.
– Click add/remove
– You will be prompted “Do you really want to remove…”
– Choose “Yes”
– Windows will automatically uninstall the software.
After this removal is complete, erase the original downloaded file

File Size : 12,567KB

Sign Up 14-Day Purchase Trial


We are confident that after 14 days of using SigmaScan Pro, that you will decide in favor of it’s continual use in your work!

If after 14 days you decide to return the software, we will refund your purchase price 100%.

Pricing for USA/Canada:


SigmaScan Pro V5.0 Part Number Price USD
Academic SCANACAD 999.00
Government SCANGOV 1199.00
Commercial SCANCOMM 1499.00

For pricing in your area, please consult our Systat Software Dealer Locator page and then contact your local Systat Software Distributor for more information.

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