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SigmaPlot Network Users Download with Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a network version of SigmaPlot 14.

Please download by clicking the link below and download it to an appropriate folder (e.g.: a “network_install” folder on the C drive) on the machine where you want to install the license manager service.

Extract all the files and then double click “Installing SigmaPlot License Manager and Network License.pdf” and follow the instructions here to install the License Manager, generate a .C2V file and request Systat Software Sales for a .V2C License file.

Once you receive the .V2C license file from the Sales team at Systat Software Inc., follow the instruction in “Installing SigmaPlot License Manager and Network License.pdf” to complete the Network license installation.

“SigmaPlot 14 Installation.pdf” is provided in the download for your convenience to help install SigmaPlot 14 on client machines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our technical support team at: 408-452-9010 or email them at:


The content that has to be downloaded is available here:

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