AutoSignal Feature Benefits


AutoSignal by Systat Software feature benefits can be described in the following sections:


An Easy-to-use Windows Interface

Features Description Benefits
Easy-to-use Windows Interface
  • Easy to use dialog boxes
  • Toolbar and menu driven dialog boxes for spectral techniques, signal processing and graphical and numeric outputs
  • Full 32-bit performance
  • No programming of procedures, algorithms or graphing!
  • Perform your work 10X faster and enable you to perform 10X more analysis routines to get a complete picture
  • Enables you to focus on your analysis not on learning the program

Spectral Analysis - FFT

Features Description Benefits
Spectral Analysis – FFT
  • FFT for Fast Fourier Transform
  • Identify frequency and power of a signal
  • More than just standard Fourier Transform – 5 additional FFT methods including FFT with taper windows, FFT tapering window comparison, FFT of segmented data, Multitaper FFT and Unevenly sample FFT
  • 30 tapering windows available to solve FFT leakage concerns
  • Zero padding available
  • FFT is a popular technique
  • Accurate technology when you have large data sets
  • Can get both frequency and power accurately

Spectral Analysis - Wavelets

Features Description Benefits
Spectral Analysis – Wavelets
  • Handles non-stationary data meaning can find frequency of signal based on the when it occurred rather than computing the frequency for the entire period of the signal
  • Can see wavelets in 3D or contours
  • Wavelet spectra can be generated with up to 100 linear or logarithmic frequencies
  • Adjustable mother wavelets available: Morlet (most common), Paul and Gaussian Derivative
  • Simultaneously find time and frequency localization components of non-stationary periodic signals

Spectral Analysis - AR

Features Description Benefits
Spectral Analysis – AR
  • AR stands for AutoRegressive
  • Includes AR, MA (Moving Average) and ARMA
  • 14 algorithms available
  • Great technique for small data sets

Spectral Analysis - Eigen Analysis

Features Description Benefits
Spectral Analysis – Eigen Analysis
  • Eigen Analysis partitions by signal strength using adaptive non-parametric basis functions
  • Signal components can be separated by differences in power
  • Eigen Analysis also known as Eigendecomposition, singular spectrum analysis, principal component analysis and eigenfiltering
  • Also available in certain parametric procedures
  • Excellent signal-noise separation technique
  • Excellent component isolation
  • Can easily select signal and noise sub-space graphically

Spectral Analysis - Prony

Features Description Benefits
Spectral Analysis – Prony
  • Fits damped sine and damped exponential that occur in multivariate exponential decays
  • Fits damped signals that are normally difficult to fit

Non-linear Parametric Modeling

Features Description Benefits
Non-linear Parametric Modeling
  • Optimize your spectral analysis fits either as an independent procedure or as an adjunct to your spectral procedure
  • If used as an adjunct, you perform a spectral technique and then you constrain the frequency to optimize the spectral fit
  • Get the most accurate fits possible

Production Facility

Features Description Benefits
Production Facility
  • Automate your analysis and reporting with the production facility that uses your preset options
  • Import multiple data sets from Excel 95/97 with up to 255 worksheets and multiple rows per worksheet or DLL interface to hardware
  • Export numerical summaries and/or graphs to MS Word RTF documents
  • Export resulting analysis to Excel to one or up to 255 worksheets
  • Perform unattended analysis and generate professional reports
  • Save valuable research time by performing repetitive analysis routines without manual intervention

Smoothing and Denoising

Features Description Benefits
Smoothing and Denoising Perform smoothing and denoising with advanced Fourier, eigen and wavelet methods or use time-series smoothing such as Savitzky-Golay, spline and Loess
  • Eliminate high frequency noise from the signal.

Filtering and Reconstruction

Features Description Benefits
Filtering and Reconstruction
  • Isolate components and detect signals and reconstruct with Fourier, eigen and wavelet techniques
  • Find and use only the signal components that you are interested in

Graphical Review

Features Description Benefits
Graphical Review
  • Spectral peaks are identified graphically
  • Flexible display of spectra peaks, frequencies and magnitudes
  • 3D animation
  • View residuals, plot roots and plot selection criteria
  • Instantly see your results
  • Can create publication quality graphs

Critical Limits

Features Description Benefits
Critical Limits
  • Ascertain the significance of the spectral components to disprove the null hypothesis
  • Critical limits: 50%, 90%, 95%, 99%, 99.9%
  • Peak-type critical limits generated using Monte Carlo
  • Truly determine the significance of a spectral peak

Data Input

Features Description Benefits
Data Input
  • Import data from a variety of file formats which include ASCII, Excel, WAV, Lotus, Quattro Pro, SigmaPlot, SYSTAT, dBase, DIF and SPSS
  • Can filter down as many as 65.4 million data points from a file with decimation import option. Import preview option enables you to immediately visualize the fit to your data
  • Provides flexibility to work with a variety of file formats
  • You can handle large data sets
  • Enables you to immediately see what your data looks like

Extensive Output Options

Features Description Benefits
Extensive Output Options
  • AutoSignal offers you with a wide variety of output options
  • Automatically generate reports with numeric summaries and graphics directly to MS Word RTF with just a click of a button
  • Create publication-quality graphs or export the data to your favorite spreadsheet including Lotus, Excel, Quattro Pro, SigmaPlot spreadsheets
  • You can also export image files as bitmaps, metafiles, enhanced metafiles and device-independent maps
  • You have the flexibility of analyzing your data further the way they want to or you can incorporate publication quality graphs into reports
  • Create reports with built-in automation

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