AutoSignal Graph Customization & Review



Titles, axis labels, font size, font selection, grid, color schemes, point formats, axis scaling, log axis scaling, toggle data, reference data and function label display, modify contour and mesh properties.

  • Save and import Views for standardized layouts
  • 3D Graph View: View angles, size in frame, illumination angular shifts, perspectives, backplanes, add contour plots
  • 3D Graph Types: Wire frame, mesh plot, 15 gradient plots, 4 shaded plots
  • Gradient and shaded plots use up to 48 colors
  • Plot formats: Real, Imaginary, Magnitude, Maginitude2, Phase, Mag/Phase (dual plot), Amplitude, Ampl/Phase (dual plot), dB, dB Norm, PSD SSA, PSD MSA, PSD TISA, Variance, Lomb, Prony ESD, Min Variance spectrum, MUSIC eigenvector and Wavelet spectrum

Graphical Review

  • Spectral peaks are identified graphically; select the number of peaks to detect
  • Display maxima with spectral peak labels: frequencies, spectral magnitudes, both frequencies and spectral magnitudes, none
  • Statistical feedback: set confidence/prediction intervals, show confidence/prediction intervals, error bars, critical limits, display residuals, display residuals as % of Y, residuals as fraction of SE, display residuals distribution, display delta SNP (stabilized normal probability) plot
  • 3D Graph animation
  • Intellimouse rotation of 3D view angles
  • Mesh resolution up to 300 x 300
  • View residuals, plot roots and plot AR selection criteria


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