PeakFit Product Features


The product features for PeakFit are detailed below in the following categories:


[toggle border=’2′ title=’Data Input’]
  • Excel®
  • Lotus 123®
  • Quattro Pro®Windows®
  • SigmaPlot®
  • AIA Chromatography
  • dBase ® III+, IV
  • DIF
  • ASCII and Spreadsheet – like Editors
  • Averaging Digital Filter
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Data Preparation’]
  • Gaussian Deconvolution to remove Spectrophotometer Instrument Response smearing
  • Exponential Deconvolution to remove Chromatographic Detector Response smearing
  • Smoothing (Savitsky Golay, FFT Filter, Loess, Gaussian Convolution)
  • Real – time FFT/Time Domain Graphical Editor
  • Dual Graph Data Sectioning with Graphical data point exclusion
  • Non – Parametric Digital Filter to Filter or augment data
  • Compare with Reference
  • Subtract Baseline Imported from File
  • Data Transforms
  • Area Normalization
  • Inspect Second and Fourth Derivatives
  • Data Weighting
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Peak Autoplacement’]
  • Automatic by Local Maxima and Residuals
  • Automatic by Second Derivatives
  • Automatic by Deconvolved Local Maxima
  • Graphical Placement and Adjustments
  • Manual Parameter Adjustments
  • Share and Lock Parameters
  • Constant or V ariable Widths and/or Shape in a single step
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Non-Linear Curve Fitting’]
  • Marquardt – Levenburg Algorithm
  • 83 built-in nonlinear peak models
  • Least – Squares and 3 Robust (Maximum Likelihood) methods
  • Up to 100 Peaks and 1000 Parameters
  • Intelligent Constraints to insure Fit Integrity
  • Sparse Curvature Matrix for Faster Fitting
  • Both Numeric and Graphical Fitting Options
  • Zoom – in or Toggle Points during Fitting
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Output and Export Options’]
  • File Export with full Generated Data: Lotus 123, Excel, Quattro Pro Windows, SigmaPlot, and ASCII
  • Graphs to clipboard or file in BMP or WMF formats
  • All Numeric data in Graph to Clipboard in Spreadsheet Format

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