The New Features in SigmaPlot Version 13


Below are some of the many new features in Version 13 of SigmaPlot:

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  • Forest Plot
  • Kernel Density Plot
  • Dot Density Graph with mean and standard error bars
  • 10 New color schemes
  • Legend Improvements
    • Horizontal, Vertical and rectangular legend shapes
      • Cursor over side or upper or lower handle image002 allows to provide multi column legends
    • User Interface to set number of legend item columns in Properties dialog. The permissible column numbers are displayed in the combo list
    • Change the number of legend item columns by selecting and dragging the middle handle in the bounding box
    • Reorder legend items
      • Through properties dialog –  move one or multiple legend items up or down using the up/down control on top of the list box
      • Through cursor movement – move one or multiple legend items up or down. Select the legend item(s) and use up and down arrow key for movement within the bounding box
      • Through mouse select and cursor movement for items in the bounding box
    • Individual legend items property settings – select individual legend items and use mini tool bar to change the properties
      • Legend box blank region control thru cursor
      • Cursor over corner handle is image003image004 and allows proportional resizing
    • Add simple direct labeling
      • Support “Direct Labeling” in properties dialog using the checkbox control “Direct Labeling”
      • Ungroup legend items -the individual legend items can be moved to preferred locations and move in conjunction with the graph
    • Legend Title support has been added. The user can add a title to the legend box using the legend properties panel
    • Reverse the legend items using the right click context menu
    • Open Legend Properties by double clicking either Legend Solid or Legend Text
    • Revert has been added to legends to reset to default
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’New Analysis Features in SigmaPlot Version 13′]
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
  • Added P values to multiple comparisons for non-parametric ANOVAs
  • Removed the combo box choices for multiple comparison significant levels and tied the significance level of multiple comparisons to the main (omnibus) test
  • Added the Akaike Information Criterion to Regression Wizard and Dynamic Fit Wizard reports and the Report Options dialog (AIC)
  • Added back the Rerun button in the SigmaStat group
  • Updated the fit library standard.jfl
    • Added probability functions, to now include 24, for curve fitting or function visualization
    • The tolerance value for all equations has been modified to use “e-notation” instead of fixed decimal. This allows the user to read the value without scrolling
    • Added seven weighting functions to all curve fit equations in standard.jfl. There is a slight variant added for 3D equations
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’New User Interface Features in SigmaPlot Version 13′]
  • Rearrange Notebook items by dragging
  • New SigmaPlot tutorial PDF file
  • Line widths from a worksheet column
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’New Import/Export Features in SigmaPlot Version 13′]
  • Added the SVG and SWF file formats for scalable vector graphics export
  • Added vector PDF export to improve on the existing raster PDF
  • File import and export support is added for Versions 13 and 14 of Minitab, Version 9 of SAS, Version 19 of SPSS and Version 13 of Symphony

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