Asymmetric Error Bars


This macro creates asymmetric error bars using relative error bar data. It complements SigmaPlot’s built-in asymmetric error bar feature that uses absolute error bar data. For relative error bar data, the error bar value is the increment above or below the symbol.

For example, if the symbol value and positive error bar value both equal one then for 1) relative error bars the error bar would be drawn from one to two and 2) absolute error bars the symbol and error bar coincide so the error bar length is zero.

The data format is XY with two additional columns for the positive and negative error bars. The sign of the error bar value is ignored so place positive values into the worksheet.

You may select from three graph styles – Scatter, Line and Scatter and Vertical Bar.

Download the file and double click on it to obtain the SigmaPlot notebook containing this macro.

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