Creating a New Toolbox Ribbon Button and Adding a Macro Name To It


This is very easy to do and well worth it for your commonly used macros. After creating or recording a macro, select the Toolbox ribbon, the Macros group and the Macros button. Select the macro that you want to locate on the Toolbox ribbon (Exponential Fit shown below) and click the Options button:

In the Macro Options dialog, enter the name you wish to appear on the Toolbox ribbon in the button name text box (Exponential Fit in this case). This need not be the same as the macro name. Click the button name checkbox and select a Group to place the macro. Place an ampersand “&” prior to the text character that you want an Alt-key keyboard shortcut assigned to. In our example, we are creating a new Toolbox button “Exponential Fit”. Placing “&” prior to the “E” creates Alt-T, E as the keyboard shortcut:

Click Ok and the Macros item is added to the Toolbox ribbon with the Exponential Fit macro name. You can now run the macro directly from the Toolbox ribbon (you can use the key Alt-T, X):

You can use the Alt key shortcut to select a macro. Press the Alt key, select “T” for Toolbox and then the appropriate key for the macro of interest.

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