SigmaPlot Electrophysiology Module


Directly Read Your Electrophysiology Data Into SigmaPlot


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Electrophysiology Module is an add-on to SigmaPlot that allows you to directly import your acquired data into SigmaPlot without the need for an additional data acquisition program. The module allows you to instantly read large data files into SigmaPlot, so that you can start analyzing and graphing your data immediately.

Use the easy point-and-click interface to import your data from commonly used file formats including Axon Instruments ABF files, Bruxton Corporation’s Acquire format and HEKA Electronik’s Pulse format. The file formats appear as a convenient drop down list in SigmaPlot.
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The Electrophysiology Module provides a preview of your data. You can select only the part of the data of interest for your analysis. The module supports continuous and episodic data recording. Electrophysiology data files contain considerable information useful for analysis.

The module provides access to this information, so that you do not have to enter it separately into SigmaPlot. You can even use the information to automate analysis and determine the relationship between stimulus and response. Using the section dialog, you can explicitly specify numerically the section to be imported.

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When using this module, you do not have to re-type scaling factor, time scales or stimulus information thereby reducing the chances of making mistakes. Plus, in addition to the scaled acquired data and the stimulus pulse, the module provides information on the file structure and file information like: the date and time of recording, file comments, channel information, as well as file specific information. For example, in Axon Instruments ABF files, you can obtain each tag.

For HEKA Elektronik Pulse files, you can obtain information from the solution database. The module also provides column labels that help identify the data. All this information dramatically reduces the chances for error and allows you work with greater speed and accuracy. You also save time by reducing errors when you are collaborating with your colleagues.

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When using the scripting interface to the module, you can write macros in your analysis program to read, analyze and graph your data. You even have access to the stimulus protocol when analyzing recordings based on the computer simulation. The script interface is extensive.

You can use it to simply read data or you can use it to automatically extract the information you need for data analysis. Once you read in your data, you can start analyzing and graphing your data with award-winning SigmaPlot immediately. You can even exchange data with collaborators without having to use the same data acquisition system.

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Once you import your data into SigmaPlot, analyzing your data and creating exact graphs is intuitive and easy with SigmaPlot’s Microsoft compatible award- winning interface, wizard technology and automation capabilities. You can get started and publish your results faster than you ever imagined.

And SigmaPlot provides to you the flexibility you need to create precise and compelling graphs. In fact, SigmaPlot’s graphing flexibility has inspired the readers of Scientific Computing and Instrumentation to award SigmaPlot their prestigious Reader’s Choice Award several times.

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The Electrophysiology Module is intended for graphing and analysis of recorded data. Not all features of all files format are supported. For example, AxoScope voice tags cannot be retrieved using Electrophysiology Module. The amount of memory required depends on the data file format.

The Electrophysiology Module must be able to hold control information for the file being read in memory, as well as the buffer data during reading. Generally, 1MB or more of free memory is required for this.


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