SigmaPlot Instructional Videos


[toggle border=’2′ title=’What is New in SigmaPlot Version 13′]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’April 2013 Webinar: What is New in SigmaPlot 12.5 with Richard Mitchell’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Using the Analysis Tab & New Statistics Features within SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’SigmaPlot Has An All New User Interface’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’SigmaPlot 12 New User Interface Explained In Detail’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Working with SigmaPlot New User Interface’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Creating and Editing Graphs in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’New Radar Graphs in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Using Transforms in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Using Regression in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Using the Reporting Tab in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Macros Within the Tool Tab in SigmaPlot’]
[/toggle] [toggle border=’2′ title=’Introduction to SigmaPlot’]

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