sigmascan-logo-smallSigmaScan Pro Image Processing


SigmaScan Pro image processing features are listed below:


Image Editing

  • Cut, copy, paste, clear
  • Crop, duplicate, restore, compare
  • Paste and splice images of different types
  • Resize*, resample
  • Specify pixel depth of new images
  • Convert images to different types

View options

  • Zoom in/out
  • Magnification tool: (from .03125x – 32x)
  • Image rotation: 90, 180, 270, any angle
  • Image flipping: horizontal or vertical axis
  • Intensity histogram
  • Select image background color
  • Image information

Image Processing

  • Color to grayscale conversion
  • Monochrome Lookup Tables (LUT): standard, sawtooth, rectangle
  • Color Lookup Tables (LUT): rectangle, red, blue, green spirals, sawtooth
  • Clearfied equalization; pseudoclearfied generator
  • Image math: add, subtract, average, minimum, maximum, multiply, divide
  • Color thresholding
  • Invert intensity values
  • Change resolution
  • Standardize color palette
  • Color corrections: gamma, halftone, hue, saturation, color separations
  • Intensity corrections: brightness, contrast
  • Histogram stretch: grayscale or color

Filters – Standard Grayscale

  • Add noise, average, despeckle, emboss, gradient, Laplace, line segment detection, median, mosaic, oilify, posterize, Prewitt, sharpen, shift and differences, Sobel, user defined


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