sigmascan-logo-smallSigmaScan Pro Measurement Features


The measurement features found in SigmaScan Pro are listed below:


  • Trace Measurements Mode
  • Fill Measurements Mode
  • Calibrate intensity: 2-point or multiple point
  • Spatial Calibration (1, 2, or 3D)
  • Count: number of objects, number of pixels, object number reporting
  • Track Edges / Lines: Tracking speed, tracking stability, sampling grid, sample every n points
  • Point: Tally, XY coordinates
  • Spatial: area, center of mass – gray or binary, compactness, cumulative distance, distance, feret diameter, major / minor axis measurements: endpoint, perimeter, shape factor; slope, perimeter, volume, SUM (X, Y, X2, Y2, XY)
  • Intensity: pixel intensity values, average or cumulative over an area, red, green, blue intensity values or average red, green, blue over an area, line width average, hue and saturation


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