Sample Imaging Task: From Start To Finish


Shown in four easy steps below, see how easy it is to use SigmaScan software!


[toggle border=’2′ title=’Open the Image or Capture it’]

Input from a vast set of image types or acquire images from any TWAIN-supported input device.
[toggle border=’2′ title=’Enhance the Image and Apply Overlay’]
Use advanced image enhancement features, such as Histogram Stretch. Transfer key image features to one of five measurement overlays.
[toggle border=’2′ title=’Count and Measure the Image Objects’]
Apply powerful overlay tools such as hole fills, erosion and dilation filters and overlay math to zero in on relevant features. Then use any of the 50 built-in measurement methods.
[toggle border=’2′ title=’Analyze your Results’]
View column statistics of your results or use the graphics function to view trends in your data. Open your data in SigmaPlot for more advanced statistical and graphical analysis.
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