sigmastat-logo-smallSigmaStat 4.0 Features


Below are some of the many features found in new SigmaStat Version 4:

  • Over 50 statistical tests to analyze your data
  • Ribbon interface improves access to program commands
  • An Advisor Wizard to assist you in choosing the correct test that is appropriate for your data
  • A programming capability, the transform language, for creating additional analysis procedures and creating user-defined equations for fitting and plotting
  • Powerful graph editing capabilities to enhance the appearance of graphs
  • A Graph Wizard to create graphs that supplement the result graphs produced by the tests
  • Additional graphing interfaces, including the Histogram Wizard, the Plot Equation dialog, and the Plot Regression dialog
  • Sample files to assist you in understanding data formats, graph editing features, and the nonlinear regression capabilities
  • Numerous import/export file formats for notebooks, worksheets, reports, and graphs

Data Selection

  • Several data formats for statistics, including raw, indexed, and tabulated formats
  • Several data formats for creating 2D and 3D graphs

Import/Export Worksheets and Notebooks

  • ASCII file importer which allows importing comma delimited files and user-selected delimiters
  • Excel, SPSS, Minitab, SYSTAT and SAS input data formats are supported by SigmaStat
  • Excel and Access database files are supported
  • Import any ODBC compliant database
  • Run SQL queries on tables and selectively import information
  • Export worksheets to plain and comma delimited text files
  • Export worksheets to Excel, Minitab, SYSTAT, SAS, and more
  • Export notebook files to earlier versions of SigmaStat and SigmaPlot

Graph Export

  • Export a selection on a graph page or the entire graph page to bitmap or vector image files
  • You can specify the color resolution, spatial resolution (DPI), height, and width of the exported images
  • The bitmap formats include JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK, and PDF raster
  • The vector formats include Enhanced Metafile (EMF), Windows Metafile (WMF), EPS, PDF vector, SVG and SWF
  • Save a graph as a web page

Notebook Manager

  • Can hold SigmaPlot worksheets, Excel worksheets, graph pages, reports, equations, and transforms
  • A notebook docking pane that has several states: docks, resizable, hide-able, summary information mode, etc
  • Browser-like notebook functionality that supports drag-n-drop capabilities
  • Direct-editing of notebook summary information

Data Worksheet

  • Multiple undo
  • Adjust row height and column widths
  • Long text strings and variable names
  • Add row titles
  • Format cells and empty columns
  • Formatted text (subscript, etc.) in worksheet cells
  • Data linked to graphs
  • Handles missing data
  • Interactive column title editing
  • Promote text labels to column titles
  • 32 million rows, 32,000 columns (limited by available memory)
  • Sort, index, and stack data
  • Transpose rows/columns
  • Cut, Paste, Copy, etc


  • Export in PDF, RTF, and HTML formats
  • Select contents, copy & paste to Microsoft Word for additional editing
  • Drag and drop Word documents into reports
  • Multiple undo
  • Print preview
  • Supports embedded objects
  • Result graphs can copied and pasted into reports
  • Graphical ruler to set tabs and margins
  • Change font, text size, and text color
  • Add numbered and bulleted lists
  • Support for tables
  • Change alignment, indentation, background color
  • Find and Replace
  • Option to “Explain Test Results”
  • Option to set the number of significant digits for numeric data

Other Features

  • Help – Extensive online Help and PDF documentation for using SigmaStat
  • Quick Access Toolbar – Customize to quickly access frequently used commands
  • Tip of the Day – Provides useful information about program features
  • Statistics Samples – A file of sample data for all statistical tests arranged in various formats
  • Password Protection and Auditing – Limit access to notebook files