sigmastat-logo-smallSigmaStat 4.0 Graphing Features


Below are some of graphing features found in new SigmaStat Version 4:

Graph Wizard Graphs

  • Single and Multiple Scatter Plots
  • Single and Multiple Line Plots
  • Step Plots
  • Bar Charts with Error Bars
  • Column Means with Error Bars
  • Point Plots
  • Point and Column Means
  • Box Plots
  • Pie Chart
  • Raw Residuals
  • Standardized Residuals
  • Normal Probability Plot
  • 3D Scatter Plots
  • 3D Mesh Plots

Test Result Graphs

  • Column Means (bar and scatter plots) with Error Bars
  • Point Plot
  • Histogram of Residuals
  • Normal Probability Plot
  • Before and After Plots
  • Multiple Comparison Graph
  • Grouped Bar Charts
  • 3D Residual Scatter
  • 3D Category Scatter
  • ANOVA Profile Plots for Main Effects and Interactions
  • Scatter Plot Residuals
  • Adjusted Means Scatter with Error Bars
  • Regression Lines and Scatter for Groups
  • Box Plot
  • Bar Chart Standardized Residuals
  • Regression Curves with Confidence and Prediction Bands
  • 3D Scatter and Mesh Plot
  • Scatter Correlation Matrix
  • Point and Column Means
  • Survival Curves
  • Adjusted Survival Curve
  • Cumulative Hazard Curves
  • Log-Log Survival Curves
  • Scree Plot
  • Component Loadings Plot
  • Component Scores Plot

Graph Options

  • Edit the attributes for graphs, axes, and plots with the Graph Properties dialog
  • Customize attributes for graph objects with the Object Properties dialog
  • Modify text on a graph page with the Edit Text dialog
  • Change graph page options with the Page Setup dialog
  • Multiple undo
  • Select plots to perform regression analysis
  • Predefined color schemes for symbols, lines, and solids
  • Modify the computation of error bars
  • Eight axis scaling options
  • Gradient fills, color transparency, antialiasing
  • Legends created automatically
  • Multi-level zooming


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