Sigmaplot NG: A Revolution in Scientific Data Analysis

Are you ready to take your scientific data analysis to the next level? Say hello to Sigmaplot NG – the latest and most innovative version of Sigmaplot yet! Sigmaplot NG combines the familiar look and feel of previous versions with a complete technological overhaul under the hood, resulting in a truly groundbreaking product.


Seamless Upgrade Experience

Sigmaplot NG is designed to ensure that your workflow remains uninterrupted and seamless during the upgrade process. While it represents a significant leap in technology, it maintains the same packaging and user interface that you're accustomed to.

Effortless Installation

Installation has never been easier! Mac users can enjoy a one-click install, while Windows users will find the installation process simpler and more user-friendly than ever before. Plus, Sigmaplot NG is faster, thanks to performance enhancements that accelerate data analysis.

64-bit Power

Sigmaplot NG harnesses the power of 64-bit technology, allowing you to work with larger datasets and effortlessly import/export massive data files. This version is optimized for modern processors and GPUs, ensuring efficient utilization of your hardware resources.

Enhanced Accessibility

Accessibility is a top priority with Sigmaplot NG. We've improved support for screen readers and keyboard navigation to make data analysis accessible to all users. Additionally, we've eliminated the need for multiple MFC runtime libraries, reducing dependencies and potential installation issues.

Multi-threaded Support

Sigmaplot NG takes full advantage of multi-threaded capabilities on newer processors and GPUs, delivering enhanced performance for your data analysis tasks. It also seamlessly integrates with standard libraries like JDBC for access to cutting-edge technologies.

Data Integrity and Security

To enhance the quality of scientific research, Sigmaplot NG offers password support with an audit trail to protect data integrity. You can track and revert changes made to protected worksheets, ensuring the accuracy and security of your data.

SigmaPlot Features

  • Visualize with Ease: Transform your data into graphs with full HTML support for easy editing and visualization.
  • Award-Winning Interface: Sigmaplot NG offers a user-friendly interface with ribbon collections, tabbed selection, and a guided Graph Wizard to create publication-quality charts and graphs.
  • Customization: Customize every detail of your charts and graphs, from axis breaks to colors, fonts, and symbols, ensuring your data is presented exactly as you desire.
  • Data Analysis Made Simple: Sigmaplot NG provides fundamental tools for data analysis, from basic statistics to advanced mathematical calculations, all in one place.
  • Plot Mathematical Functions: Easily plot user-defined and parameterized equations using the Plot Equation feature. Create your own functions and save them for future use.
  • Graph Export Options: Save your graphs for publication in various formats, making it easier than ever to share your results.
  • Data Export: Exporting your graphs and data is effortless, with support for a wide variety of popular formats.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Sigmaplot NG boasts a new look and feel, including full cross-platform ribbons, making it more straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Handling Large Data Sets: Easily create and deploy larger datasets using a multi-threaded application with enhanced 64-bit memory support.
  • Advanced Graph Creation: The expanded graph wizard simplifies the process of selecting the right graph type while retaining all the features you love.
  • Instant Analysis: Get in-depth analysis within minutes with new graph types that update in real-time as you change your data.
  • Complete Control: Customize graph elements’ behavior and appearance with Sigmaplot NG’s dialog boxes for Text Properties, Object Properties, and Graph Properties.

In summary, Sigmaplot NG represents a significant leap forward in scientific data analysis. With its intuitive interface, advanced features, and improved performance, it empowers researchers to conduct more in-depth analysis, visualize data effortlessly, and present results with confidence. Upgrade to Sigmaplot NG today and experience the future of scientific data analysis. Your research deserves the best, and Sigmaplot NG delivers it.

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