Benefits of the Maintenance Program

Systat Software Product License Maintenance

Maintenance is what will help you stay organized and on top of new releases and getting discounted rates on the latest versions of our products.

If you pay maintenance every year, you are entitled to: new releases, new documentation, technical support, as well as the ability to add users to your license at a discounted rate.

Should you choose not to pay maintenance, you will lose added benefits and could be expected to pay all backdated maintenance or full price when deciding to upgrade or start a new licensing contract.

Maintenance is optional for all multi-user license options (site, network, annual or perpetual).

Benefits of the SYSTAT Software Maintenance Program

  • Free Upgrades and Updates
  • Priority Technical Support
  • 25% off Training and Consulting
  • Free documentation and Patches
  • Free Subscriptions to Newsletters and technical articles
  • Effectively Maintain and Manage a Large Group of Users
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